Security Guards: List of Security Guard Businesses In Tauranga

Looking for Security Guards in Tauranga?

This is a list of all the security guard businesses in Tauranga (including Papamoa and Mt Maunganui).

Only ones that have security patrols by security guards are listed here, not companies who only sell security cameras or security windows etc.

National Security Guard Businesses With Offices In Tauranga

  1. Armourguard (Nationwide with a Tauranga branch) (07) 578 2845 or 0800 111 238
  2. First Security (Nationwide with a Tauranga branch) 0800 347 787
  3. Cactus Security (Nationwide with a Tauranga branch) 0508 222 887

Tauranga Based Security Guard Businesses

  1. Nutech Security, Tauranga 0800 688 324
  2. WatchDog Security Tauranga (+ Rotorua) 0800 928 24364
  3. Prowler Security, Tauranga (07) 573 5070

2 thoughts on “Security Guards: List of Security Guard Businesses In Tauranga

  1. Hello Sheldon Nesdale,
    Thanks to listed Tauranga based security company. I would like to add Recon Security Ltd as well. They are nationwide security also operated in Tauranga.
    As per as customer vote, They are top security company in Wellington and Top 5 security company in New Zealand.

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