About Us

me-2014-200Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I love lists.

When I’m interested in a niche, I’d like a list of ALL my options so I can make an informed decision.

But where can I find such a list? The Yellow Pages? Google? Website Directories?

Unfortunately I’ve found that no single source provides the whole picture.

For example, if I’m interested in “One Day Sale Websites“, Google will give me a million links.  The first 10 are good, but after that, a few irrelevant results creep in.  And directory websites like NZS.com are ok, but often there are a heap of dead links in the results and heaps of missing results because not every website submits their link to these directories.

So often I find myself creating my own lists.

Once I have put a list together I find that it’s helpful to order the list from best to worst so I know not to waste my time with the links at the bottom of the list.

And then I got to thinking, maybe my lists could save you some time?

So that’s why I’ve built ListOf.co.nz. For you. To create lists that will save you time.

If one of the lists I’ve written save you time, speak up and say so in the comments.

If you have an idea for a new list, let me know.


Sheldon Nesdale
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