AI: List of ALL the Companies Working on Artificial Intelligence

The following companies are working on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning!

  1. AcknoSoft
    • Intelligent decision-support systems applied to failure diagnosis in industrial maintenance, engineering data mining, helpdesk support, and other areas.
  2. Acquired Intelligence Inc
    • Knowledge-based software products and services.
  3. AIAI
    • Applied research and technology transfer institute; as part of the University of Edinburgh it is the largest AI group in Europe.
  4. Ascent Technology Inc.
    • Experience in expert systems, machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, database mining, genetic algorithms, computer vision, and natural language understanding.
  5. AlchemyAPI
    • Aquired by IBM affectionatly named “Watson”.
  6. American Heuristics Corporation
    • Software technology consulting and training in data mining, complex decision systems, and OOPS.
  7. AND Corporation
    • Developers of Holographic Neural Technology (HNeT)
  8. Anchovy Labs
    • Joined the Drop Box team in 2012.
  9. Applied AI Systems, Inc
    • Oldest AI Research and Development Company in Canada involved in a variety of AI research areas including autonomous robots and artificial life.
  10. Assistum
    • Strategic Knowledge Management using fuzzy logic. Assistum facilitates the capturing and reuse of knowledge for decision making.
  11. Attar Software
    • Authors of the XpertRule range of software for Knowledge Based System development, Research Optimization and Data Mining.
  12. Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.
    • Specializing in applied artificial intelligence technologies.
  13. BioComp Systems, Inc
    • Biologically based computer systems for business and science that learn, adapt, and evolve.
  14. Blackboard Technology Group, Inc.
    • Vendor of blackboard and agent-based systems.
  15. Brightware, Inc.
    • Licenses, develops and maintains Art*Enterprise, and provides high-level AI consulting to business.
  16. Chr.Liisberg A/S
    • Home of the KAYS Agent the first “easy to use” software to share knowledge.
  17. Comdale Technologies Inc.
    • “A company dedicated to developing intelligent systems software.”
  18. CompEngServ Ltd.
    • CES has experience in conventioanal expert systems as well as real-time expert systems.
  19. Competence Center for Neurocomputing
    • SYNAPSE1, SYNAPSE2-PC technologies
  20. Cycorp
    • Cyc common sense technology.
  21. Deep Mind
    • Joined forces with Google in 2014.
  22. Deep Speech
    • Started by Chinese search engine Baidu
  23. Delta-X Research
    • Develops predictive maintenance software to the electric power industry.
  24. Design Power, Inc
    • Developer of of knowledge-based engineering systems for plant design, factory layout, and building design in the A/E/C and manufacturing industries.
  25. DFKI AI Lab
    • With support from Google.
  26. Electronic Brains Australia
    • Consulting in neural networks and genetic algorithms.
  27. ELF Software Co.
    • Natural language query interfaces for Microsoft Access databases.
  28. Explore Reasoning Systems Inc.
    • Automation of business processes.
  29. Flexible Intelligence Group
    • FlexTool soft computing product suites for building computationally intelligent systems in diverse domains.
  30. G6G Consulting Group
    • Research and consulting company specializing in AI.
  31. Gensym
    • Leading supplier of software for creating intelligent real-time solutions for industrial, scientific, commercial, and government applications worldwide.
  32. G.O.International Air Service
    • Research tool for live functional system modeling.
    • Resource for information about intelligent or smart houses.
  34. Harlequin
    • Software company specialising in symbolic processing, electronic publishing, and their applications Hanke & Hörner Software ActiveX/OCX Genetic Programming Control.
  35. Hugin Expert A/S
    • Expert system software house in construction and execution of Belief Networks (also known as Bayesian Networks, or Causal Probabilistic Networks)
  36. IET Intelligent Electronics
    • Intelligent software for scheduling people, resources and processes; diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing equipment; and improving fabric utilization.
    • Advanced image searches with AI
  38. Inference Corporation
    • Specializes in CBR (Case Based Reasoning) technology, especially (but not exclusively) for the help desk market.
  39. Integral Solutions Ltd.
    • AI/KBS and Data Mining tools
  40. IntelliCorp
    • Makers of Kappa software
  41. IQ Engines
    • Acquired  by Yahoo in 2013
  42. LEVEL5
    • Level Five Research, an Information Builders company.
  43. LookFlow
    • Joined the Yahoo team in 2013.
  44. LPA
    • Prolog based tools and solutions for Windows and Macintosh PCs.
  45. Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.
    • Computer software and services company that develops and markets software for modeling and decision support.
  46. Man Machine Interfaces, Inc.
    • AI software tools and applications.
  47. MetaMind
    • Started by Khosla Ventures and Salesforce’s Mac Benioff, MetaMind is “Bringing advanced AI to the public”
  48. MicroStrategy
    • Decision Support System (DSS) & Data Warehousing Relational OLAP Software.
  49. Neural Applications Corporation
    • Supplier of intelligent control techology to industry Norsys Software Corp. Making advanced Bayesian belief network and influence diagram technology practical and affordable with their Netica product.
  50. NovaCast
    • Develops knowledgebased systems for various branches, e.g. foundry industry, medicine and finance.
  51. Perceptio
    • Acquired by Apple.
  52. PLATINUM Technology Inc.
    • Developer of Aion Development System, an expert system shell.
  53. RMV Electronics
    • Specialists in data acquisition, process control, and robotics.
  54. Quadrillion
    • Data analysis software for semiconductor manufacturers.
  55. Sentient AI
    • created the basis for Apples Siri
  56. Servile Software
    • Specialists in thinking software.
  57. SkyPhrase
    • Joined the Yahoo Team in 2013.
  58. Stottler Henke Associates. Inc
    • Consulting company for broad range of AI solutions, specializing in cased based reasoning.
  59. The Grid
    • “Your personal AI web developer”
  60. Ultragem Data Mining
    • Data mining services using genetic algorithms.
  61. Unica
    • Home of industrial-strength neural net solutions.
  62. Vicarious
    • Started by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Ashton Kutcher.
  63. Visual Graph
    • Acquired by Pinterest.
  64. VocialIQ
    • Acquired by Apple
    • Natural language for developers, acquired by Facebook.
    • Calender scheduling with “Amy” your ai assistant
  67. ZDM Scientiifc Ltd
    • Custom Data Mining services and Real Time Expert Systems development.

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