List of ALL The Speed Reading Software and Books

Looking to invest some time and money on learning how to speed read? Here is a list of the best speed reading tools you can get!

Application/Web Based Speed Reading Solutions:

  1. – Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome OS
  2. Ace Reader Lite – Windows/Mac
  3. Iris Reading – Online Courses
  4. Reader’s Edge – Windows or Web based
  5. EyeQ Advantage – Web based
  6. – Web based
  7. Spreed – Chrome web browser plugin that teaches you how to speed read on a website with content of your choice!
  8. FastReaders – Web based
  9. Windows/Web based
  10. – Windows/Mac/Ipad
  11. – Web based
  12. – Web based
  13. – Web  based with a Facebook login

Books to help you read more efficiently:

  1. The Photo Reading Whole Mind System – Paul R. Scheele [Amazon]
  2. Speed Reading: Third Edition (Plume) – Tony Buzan [Amazon]
  3. The Speed Reading Book: Read More, Learn More, Achieve More – Tony Buzan [Amazon]
  4. Triple Your Reading Speed – Wade E. Culter [Amazon]
  5. How to be a Super Reader – Ron Cole [Amazon]
  6. Breakthrough Rapid Reading – Peter Kump [Amazon]
  7. The Speed Reading Book – Peter Buzan [Amazon]
  8. Speed Reading & Comprehension Guide – Joachim FIsher [Amazon]
  9. Reading With The Right Brain – David Butler [Amazon]

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2 thoughts on “List of ALL The Speed Reading Software and Books

  1. I’d also add along with goodreads. Some good info on there about speed reading test, programs, and the latest apps for mobile use. Good list here.

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