NZ Gaming Studios: List of all the Gaming Studios in New Zealand

New Zealand Game Development Association president Stephen Knightly said in a May article that there are 25-30 gaming studios in New Zealand.

Hooray for New Zealand!

State of the Games Industry in NZ:

  • Employs 390 people full time
  • Grew 43% in the last year
  • Released 73 games in 2011

Help me write a comprehensive list of all of them.

List of all the NZ Gaming Studios:

  1. PikPok [90 staff, mobile/digital downloads]
  2. Gameloft [80 staff, multinational mobile]
  3. Cerebral Fix [70 staff, online games]
  4. SmallWorlds [35 staff, social game world]
  5. Grinding Gear Games [20 staff, online PC games]
  6. NinjaKiwi [15 staff, online games]
  7. Stickmen Studios [15 staff, digital downloads]
  8. Minimonos [10 staff, online community]
  9. Custard Square [mobile games, online games]
  10. BigLittleBang [3D virtual world]
  11. PixelThis [mobile games, social]
  12. Sidhe [game design]
  13. Ninja Kiwi [ios games]
  14. Metia Interactive [games design]
  15. Runaway [social games]

Have I missed one? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll add it.

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