List of Crowdfunding Websites in New Zealand

Last Updated: Jun 9, 2017 @ 12:59 pm

NZ Crowd Funding for business

  1. Crowd funding platform built by The IceHouse (business training and incubation)
  2. Help NZ and Aussie start ups
  3. NZ Mainly for products / inventions
  4. Another platform similar to Kickstarter, however it also allows donations! Indiegogo is limited in the sense that it does not accept NZD however it will still accept projects from New Zealand.
  5. NZ crowd funding platform for creative projects
  6. Nicely designed website however it currently has no New Zealand projects! Could you be the first?
  7. – NZ peer-to-peer lending for personal loans
  8. Global but I when you visit their website they detect your origin and give you the lovely message “Yes, we accept projects in New Zealand Dollars :)”
  9. Allows funding for all sorts of projects and accepts New Zealand projects however it does not accept New Zealand Dollars so a currency conversion will need to take place.
  10. LiftOff is a New Zealand based platform that is designed to work for New Zealanders! It offers a unique partner program alongside its funding platform.
  11. is the only equity crowdfunding platform that lets you invest alongside experienced early-stage business investors, increasing your chances of high returns.

Crowd Funding websites for non-profit causes

  1. Where artists can raise funds from the public to finance their artwork
  2. For charities and not for profits – all fees are obsorbed by the Spark Foundation (formerly known as Telecom).
  3. Focused on creatives.
  4. For sporting projects.
  5. NZ crowd funding platform for not-for-profit organisations and activities.
  6. NZ crowd funding platform for not-for-profit organisations and activities.
  7. Focused on charities and creatives.
  8. NZ crowd funding platform for arts, music and sports.

List of Crowd Funding Companies Approved by the NZ Government

Crowd Funding in the Media:

  1. Success story of Yeastie boys (craft brewing company), raising $100k in 30 minutes
  2. Great introduction to Crowd funding on IdeaLog complete with examples and warnings
  3. Jan 2015: Clean-tech firm breaks crowdfunding record
  4. NZ – Crowdfunding taking off, but beware

Other Resources

  • How to increase popularity of your crowd funding campaign?
    • Once you list your campaign, how do you maximise exposure? You might need the help of a crowd funding coach such as Kat Jenkins. She has a series of articles for beginners on her blog also

Crowd Funding Platforms in other Countries

There are a gazillion. Some accept NZ projects, many don’t. Here are a few places to find lists of crowd funding platforms:

  1. Wikipedia: Comparison of crowd funding services
  2. PBWorks: Crowdfunding

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  1. CoverrMe is a new crowdfunding platform that introduces “Visual Crowdfunding”, a method of raising money online that allows Funders of campaigns to leave their footprint on fundraising pages.

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