List of Network Marketing Businesses in New Zealand

Here’s my list of of multi-level marketing businesses in New Zealand. If you know one that isn’t on the list, please add it to the comments below. The terms most commonly used are:

  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Multi-Level Selling
  • Network Marketing
  • Binary System
  • Party Plan Direct Selling

Multi-Level Marketing Businesses in New Zealand:

This list of NZ businesses are legitimate (and legal) MLM businesses. Profit sharing occurs when products are consumed and members are encouraged to grow the network by getting their friends to set up their own business units.

  1. Agel International (MLM. Supplements + Skincare)
  2. ACN Pacific Pty Ltd (MLM. Telecommunications)
  3. Aim New Zealand (MLM. Health)
  4. Amway of New Zealand (MLM. Various)
  5. Biopro Technology Australasia (MLM. Bullshit)
  6. Freelife International Australia Pty Ltd (MLM. Supplements)
  7. GNLD International New Zealand (MLM. Various)
  8. Herbalife (NZ) Ltd (MLM. Supplements + Skincare)
  9. Homecare Direct Shopping Ltd (MLM/Direct. Household + Gifts)
  10. Lifeforce Australasia Pty Ltd (MLM. Supplements)
  11. 4life (MLM. Supplements)
  12. Mannatech New Zealand (MLM. Supplements)
  13. New Image International Ltd (MLM. Supplements)
  14. Nu Skin (NZ) Inc (MLM. Health + Beauty + Supplements)
  15. Pro-Ma Systems (NZ) Ltd (Party Plan/MLM. Various)
  16. Phoenix Trading Ltd (MLM. Gift cards + Ribbon + Wrapping Paper)
  17. Reliv New Zealand (MLM. Supplements)
  18. STEMtech New Zealand Ltd (MLM. Supplements)
  19. Morinda (MLM. Noni Juice, Hair Care, Skin Care)
  20. USANA New Zealand Limited (MLM. Supplements)
  21. Club Prenzel (MLM. Gourmet Food & Beverage)
  22. Arbonne (MLM. Cosmetics + Supplements)

Party Plan Direct Selling Businesses in New Zealand

This list of businesses are legitimate (and legal) where a host holds a “party” for friends and friends of friends. The host earns a commission on the items they sell.

  1. A & S Fashions (Party Plan. Clothing)
  2. Atise Limited (Party Plan. Candles, Fragrances)
  3. Creative Memories Ltd (Party Plan. Photo Albums)
  4. ENJO New Zealand Ltd (Party Plan. Cleaning products)
  5. Intimo Lingerie (Party Plan. Lingerie)
  6. Le Reve New Zealand Ltd (Party Plan. Perfume + Aromatherapy)
  7. Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd (Party Plan. Skincare)
  8. Nutrimetics International (NZ) Ltd (Party Plan. Skincare + Cleaning Products)
  9. Oriental International Trade (NZ) Co Ltd (Party Plan. Health Products)
  10. Pro-Ma Systems (NZ) Ltd (Party Plan/MLM. Various)
  11. Tupperware New Zealand (Party Plan. Plasticware)
  12. Adorabella Jewellery (Party Plan. Jewellery)
  13. Whitehot Jewellery Ltd (Party Plan. Jewellery)
  14. (Lorraine Lea Linen. Party Plan. Linen)
  15. (Party Plan. Scrapbooking)
  16. (Party Plan. Cosmetics)
  17. Jamberry Nails (Party Plan. Nails)
  18. Moutique (Party Plan. Jewellery)

Direct Selling Businesses in New Zealand

Members of these businesses earn commissions on the products they sell door to door and to friends.

  1. Avon Cosmetics New Zealand Ltd (Direct)
  2. Home Direct Ltd (Direct. Manchester + Clothing)
  3. Homecare Direct Shopping Ltd (MLM/Direct. Household + Gifts)
  4. Lux Sales and Service (Direct. Vacuum Cleaners)
  5. NZ Natural Therapy Ltd (Direct. Therapeutic Beds & Chairs)
  6. Club Prenzel (Direct. Gourmet Food & Beverage)

Illegal Pyramid Selling Schemes To Stay Away From

Unless you get in really early, stay away from the following pyramid schemes. (My little joke). Many of these businesses have been prosecuted by the NZ Commerce Commission

  1. Skybiz (Prosecuted 2005)
  2. Infinity Concierge NZ Limited (Prosecuted 2003)
  3. Alpha Club New Zealand Limited (Prosecuted 2003)
  4. Net Guard (New Zealand) Limited (Prosecuted 2002)
  5. Focus International Credit Card Plan (Prosecuted 2000)
  6. World Net International Inc (Prosecuted 2000)
  7. Maximus Intermediaries Limited (Prosecuted 2000)
  8. Black Magic (Prosecuted 1997)

How big is the multi-level marketing industry in NZ?

  • 121,000 New Zealanders are involved distributors, agents or salespeople of the organisations below (Source)
  • Another 400+ are full time employees based in NZ
  • Sales in each category for 2009:
    • Personal Care Products $79,433,909
    • Household Products $28,539,237
    • Nutritional Products $58,718,978
    • Foodstuffs & Food Products $3,869,414
    • Clothing $22,969,360
    • Manchester $5,036,499
    • Jewellery & Fashion Products $10,893,112
    • Services $3,900,000
    • Other $19,300,770

More Resources

A & S Fashions (Party Plan)
Agel International (MLM)
ACN Pacific Pty Ltd (MLM)
Aim New Zealand (MLM)
Amway of New Zealand (MLM)
Atise Limited (Party Plan)
Avon Cosmetics New Zealand Ltd (Direct )
Biopro Technology Australasia (MLM)
Creative Memories Ltd (Party Plan)
Emma Page Jewellery (Party Plan)
ENJO New Zealand Ltd (Party Plan)
Esteem Jewellery Ltd (Party Plan)
Flo2cash Limited (Payment processing systems )
Freelife International Australia Pty Ltd (MLM)
GNLD International New Zealand (MLM)
Herbalife (NZ) Ltd (MLM)
Home Direct Ltd (Direct )
Homecare Direct Shopping Ltd (MLM/Direct )
Intimo Lingerie (Party Plan)
Ludbrook Reseach International (Education & Training Services )
Lê Reve New Zealand Ltd (Party Plan)
Lifeforce Australasia Pty Ltd (MLM)
4life (MLM)
Lux Sales and Service (Direct )
Mannatech New Zealand (MLM )
Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd (Party Plan)
Natures Sunshine Products (NZ) Ltd (MLM)
New Image International Ltd (MLM)
NZ Natural Therapy Ltd (Direct )
Nikken (MLM)
Nu Skin (NZ) Inc (NSE) (MLM)
Nutrimetics International (NZ) Ltd (Party Plan)
Oriental International Trade (NZ) Co Ltd (Party Plan)
Pro-Ma Systems (NZ) Ltd (Party Plan/MLM )
Phoenix Trading Ltd (MLM)
Reliv New Zealand (MLM)
Robert Forbes & Associates (Regulatory Advice -Therapeutics )
Ross Ruff (Awarded for Service to DSA )
Simpson Grierson (Legal Advice & Services )
STEMtech New Zealand Ltd (MLM)
Stewart Stein (Awarded for Service to DSA )
Tahitian Noni International NZ Limited (MLM)
Totally Organised Ltd (Party Plan)
Tupperware New Zealand (Party Plan)
The Graphic Cafe (Design Services )
The Party Plan Expert (Expert Advice on Party Plans )
Undercoverwear Lingerie Parties (Party Plan)
USANA New Zealand Limited (MLM)

140 thoughts on “List of Network Marketing Businesses in New Zealand

    • In that case Freno give me the mobile numbers of 3 of them. I’d like to hear from them before I add it to the list.

  1. There are two more Network Marketing companies you can add to this list now.
    1. Polaris Global (Personal Development ecourse)
    2. FamilyIQ (Parenting & Family Skills Programme)

          • yes i fully agree with you chris that the majority of things you find on the internet are scams and they like to target women, mothers and poor people and sadly alot of people get sucked in and end up losing money

  2. Hi Sheldon,

    This is a great idea for a site – Thank you for providing the service – I will make sure I check out your sponsored ads before I leave.

    I have a question – I am looking to get into a Home Based Business, I am not into the supplement thing so have narrowed it down to 3:

    1. ACN Pacific PTY
    2. Pro-Ma Systems
    3. Home Care Direct

    My goal with this is to plug in to a successful system and build a business. I am keen to work with people and am a big fan of the rags to riches tale. My purpose is to build a vehicle I can use to help guide myself first, and then others out of the rat race and into a lifestyle of choice.

    With that goal in mind, can I ask, out of the 3 – which one would you go for and why?

    Kindest Regards


    • Hi Matt
      I saw your post here and thought I would add my two cents worth.

      Firstly, it seems that the three companies you have narrowed down to are quite different. I have previously looked at ACN and while I think it is probably quite good, there is a lot of competition in this market.

      The other two companies look okay too, but I do not know much about them except the Home Care Direct prices seem a little high when compared to the retail battles now happening.

      When I looked at my options I went with Melaleuca which they claim is not a multi-level marketing business, but it is very very similar. They call it a consumer direct business as my customers buy online directly from Melaleuca – less administration for me that way.

      The reasons I had for selecting this as a business was (1) they have consumable products which my network re-order each month, (2) the products are generally better quality and (3) the prices are competitive. These all mean that my customers keep ordering so I do not have to keep enrolling new customers and my cheques keep getting bigger.

      It would be worth considering – you can read a little on my website too;
      You can email me if you wish;
      Hope this has been some help…

      • Hi Guys,

        So far my decision has been pretty much made up for me. Only Pro-Ma got back to me so at present, I am just doing my research around this company. (Thank you for sharing your opportunity Stuart, I will be sure to check out your website)

        The Pro-Ma opportunity looks good – there are pro’s and con’s most definitely:

        I like the look of the system, the back office looks pretty good and the structure is reasonable. I am getting involved in this business to build a system that generates money for me while I sleep. I am not interested in creating a system that I must work at 24-7.

        Pro-Ma looks to offer me that opportunity to build a genuine product based business that still rewards me for developing others that want to join in the opportunity.

        The other thing that works is my partner is a hair dresser, so the skin care cosmetics will compliment her salon business nicely.

        My concerns are that the company have been around for a long time and the network in NZ seems incredibly small. I get the impression that people are buying personal consumption only and not selling much retail.

        I know of 1 person who speaks highly of Grace Cosmetics and the Pro-Ma system – nobody else I have asked has ever heard of them. There are no meetings, certainly in Auckland and I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

        Keen to hear peoples thoughts – I have bought some sample packs to give out over christmas to get some product feedback – I’m thinking if the feedback is good I might buy a starter pack and give it a go early in the new year.

        Looking forward to your comments

        Matt 🙂

  3. I was suggested network marketing by a life coach and thought tupperware would be perfect as It was no cash outlay, still people should be warned that it ended up costing me in the long run, with petrol, catelouges, ppl not following through on orders, etc etc,
    I am a solo-mother and It put me off network marketing. I had been promised $100 tupperware for recruiting members, I recruited 2, received the first $100 but not the second, I quit as I couldn’t wait around just to collect the free gift etc as It was too stressful with study and work etc, I am now charged for the first? only works out less than what I owe on the kit but still, I am annoyed I am not entitled to the other 100 for recruiting the second, was also promised travel money to auckland for recruiting and only receieved $10 pathetic. I want others warned of such promises.

    • Hi Angle,
      Yes I know how you feel, I was with Tupperware too. They don’t follow through or help you out at all, I gave that up as was spending a lot of money..Now how ever I am with Under Cover Wear, paper work is sent out every 10 parties you do only pay for catalogs, which is a set price every 10 parties, you are not forced to put money into it unless you want to, the money is good too. If you are interested get in touch and let me know. I love it.

  4. I joined ACN in the states and found it as very high pressure to get your friends to come to a meeting and not telling them the company name or giving them any details. The cost to join is $499 US plus back office fees and you are encouraged to sign yourself up for 3 services like: mobile phone, home energy and home alarm services, etc. Luckily I saw through the staged high energy meetings and cancelled the membership and had lots of difficulty cancelling the energy service even though I was within my 3 day right of recission period. I would recommend to run away from this MLM as fast as you can – it strained some long-time friendships for me

  5. Hi I want to know what you think of the
    From Gisborne, New Zealand. It is new and growing and a frequently asked question is , “Is this a scam” , I would love to hear your opinion, thanks.

    • Hi Terry – I have one of the largest teams in ShopNEarn. On our team website I have uploaded the legal opinion of specialist commercial lawyers. Here is the link I draw your attention to the last paragraph ‘…it is our opinion that the Shop N Earn Club is a legitimate business model.’ I hope that helps.

      • Just an update. The owners decided to close the ShopnEarn Club programme in favour of merging with the new loyalty card programme launched earlier this year. Beepxtra is going viral in 190 countries and FREE to join.

  6. Hi I am an affiliate member with Empower Network. We sell pre-made blogging platforms for people wanting to make money online and as an affiliate we make money selling the marketing programmes. Our basic membership is US$25 a month and to be an affiliate member you pay $19.95 a month so that you can get paid 100% commissions on what you sell. I used to work as a Midwife in NZ and now do this from home instead, I can give you plenty of numbers of people in NZ making money with this.

  7. There’s a new MLM available to NZ from the states, it started growing in Levin Late March 2013, I’m 1st in Palmerston North to spread the word. It’s Javita weight loss coffee and Javita mind and energy coffee. 100% natural and herbal. there’s picture’s on my javita with Rosina Facebook page, would love to find a leader in NZ to help train us and to get this amazing product out, we need more drinker’s so we can get a centre build in NZ or Aussie.

  8. Hi, could you please look at and add it to your list? We’re currently launching globally and started in OZ and NZ Oct 2013. We network market more or less everything – not one particular brand – we have teamed up with massive companies such as Groupon and Amazon and Visa are in the process of giving us our vinnco Visa cards. One of the only companies to start up completely debt free and audited every quarter by none other than KPMG. Looking for people to get in on a massive opportunity for internet shopping. Thanks.

  9. Perhaps you could add Forever Living Products and there is a new one, Q Sciences, with just a few distributors in NZ, but It looks like it is going to do well, as it is in US and Canada. Thanks for your consideration, This is a great resource, thanks!

  10. This is a new offshoot of a well established (25 years old) Kiwi company. I would be grateful if you would list Club Prenzel as a network marketing company, probably the only distillery network marketing company in the world! We make award winning gin, vodka, schnapps and a large variety of gourmet food products, all from our distillery in Marlborough.

  11. Hello,

    could you please add Qnet in your MLM businesses list.
    This is a ompany with vision and touching many people’s life across the globe.

    thanks a lot!

  12. Hi, Isagenix (a fast growing health and wellness supplement company) is now in NZ, a great opportunity to get in early. I have been hearing very positive results from users of the products.

  13. It Works Global opens in New Zealand Nov 1st 2014 (MLM. Supplements + Skincare) Founded in 2001, It Works! is one of the fastest-growing consumer lifestyle direct sales companies. Inc. ranked It Works! No. 436 on its 500 list for 2013. The company is enjoying a 1047-percent growth over the past three years. It Works! debuted at No. 56 on the Direct Selling News Global 100, the annual industry ranking produced by Direct Selling News magazine. It Works! offers a variety of daily-use, instant-results products, including its signature and unique It Works! Wrap, a contouring product that can tighten, tone and firm any area of the body in just 45 minutes. The company currently offers 31 health and beauty products, and pays commissions to more than 60,000 independent distributors worldwide. Visit for additional information.

  14. Jeunesse Global – Skin Care & Wellness Products
    The Top Direct Selling Companies In The World 2015 – Ranked #36, Has been recognized for earning over 100mil in sales in one year.
    Established in NZ and is part of the Direct Sales Association. Great company, well established globally & experiencing unprecedented growth after the release of “Instantly Agelesss” in November. Expected to launch in the 2nd quarter of this year (April-ish)

    Thanks in advance,


  15. Scentsy has launched in New Zealand. Contact me on Facebook Donna Wilkinson and Scentsy to get more information on attending a free seminar in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, or Christchurch. I will be in New Zealand to meet with you personally on the 24th of March until April 3rd. Spots are filling up fast to contact me asap.

  16. Can you please add Secret Suitcase Ltd to your Party Plan Direct Selling list. We sell Romantic Lingerie and Adult Novelties(R18) Only in New Zealand.

    Many thanks

  17. Hi,

    Please add Utoken New Zealand for We have over 400,000 members world wide, over 25 people earning more then $1000000 per month, and at this stage Utoken members receive the highest compensation of all MLM companies.
    We believe exchanging your time for a set wage is an obsolete idea and want to have all our members free from this concept and able to use Utoken to achieve that. We provide constant and never ending support to all our members.


  18. Hi, I’m a Forever Living Business Owner, great things in store for these amazing quality products here in NZ. I’ve been using them for 10 years my whole families health has benefited from using them.

    Many thanks
    forever new zealand

  19. Hi Sheldon,
    Great resource with a few updates…
    Esteem went bust a while ago.
    Trading here are Isagenix, Forever Living and Jeunesse.

  20. Hi there.
    Could you please add YOR Health to the list. we are building teams in NZ with a few reps working on the ground.
    I have attached the website and we are registered with the DSA and DSAA.

  21. Hi,

    A new opportunity of MLM is just opened to New Zealand. The product, The Ultimate Body Applicator working in just 45min. It’s amazing, if you want to see the products, go on or searchin wrap ItWorks on Internet.
    Julien Fournier / Paris / France

  22. Hi Sheldon,

    Can you please add Jamberry Nails to your direct sales & party planning lists. Jamberry has just launched in NZ on October the 1st this year and it has grown like wild fire. Our products are nail care products with our famous vinyl nail wraps.

    If anyone would like a FREE sample or more information about our company & products feel free to contact me on or you can browse our website http://

    Thank you

  23. What is with Jeunesse global, it should be also authorised here in NZ?
    And what is with IGrowNetwork and lifeonit?

    I would like to have an answer?


  24. Hi Sheldon

    Please take a look at Organo this company is operating in New Zealand and has active distributors building the brand in NZ and Australia.

    Kind regards


  25. We search for Independent Distributorship World Wide!

    If you are looking for a proven, low-risk, minimum-cost business venture that will allow you to earn extra income, enjoy more free time with family, work from anywhere in the world and build true financial freedom, then this is your opportunity. With a SIX income streams that provide both quick positive cash flow and long-term wealth…
    No Area restriction can be advertised world wide.
    Could you add this, please?

  26. Hey Sheldon,

    I can see you have Tahitian Noni International up in your list, however, the compagny changed its name to Morinda – it produces Bio Tahitian Noni products like Noni Juice, skin and hair care and is available worldwide. 20% affiliates commissions or residual.

    Anyone feel free to contact me at if interested.

    Sunny regards,


  27. Brand new in NZ since Sept 2015… finally! a direct sales business with a long-standing 60 year service of quality jewellery at great prices AND not swamped with reps! Parklane has taken off … my customers can’t get enough of the exquisite collection worn by celebrities from E live and US Dancing with the Stars. This is a new addiction!! Unbelievable awards for hostesses! Contact me today and join the team.

  28. Our Morinda Tahitian Noni project is well known in New Zealand and Australia. We have an office and a warehouse in New Zealand to serve our customers. We are in 60 countries. We are looking for entrepreneurs and people with visions. Our relational Marketing is effective to obtain additional income being free with your time and work from home. Our Tahitian Noni products are effective in improving health(Live younger and longer). Contact us ( if you’re interested and it will be a pleasure to help you achieve your goals (Free).

    • Hi Sylvie. My list is strictly about about physical products/services in New Zealand. Not international internet businesses.

  29. I would like to set up my working from home business in Aromatheaphy but dont know eho to contact to get started Is there a MLM in Aromatheaphy?

  30. Hi, my company Arbonne International is launching in NZ in June!
    We are a health and wellness company and our ingredient policies are second to none!
    Not only are the products amazing, the business is exploding and definitely worth looking into! Planning a trip in June to start training, DO NOT miss out on this opportunity!

  31. Hi Shedon,

    Could you please add to the list Zrii International Corporation?
    We are a health and wellbeing company. Our products are 100% natural with a mean ingredient named Amalaki (well known in the Aryuveda Medicine). Zrii products are more than just a way to improve health, they are also part of a unique business opportunity that can transform people’s life for better. Our world class products are endorsed by the Chopra Center.
    Basically I have teamed up with Billionaire, Bill Farley, Chris Gardner and Dr Deepack Chopra.
    I am seeking partners to work directly with me and the very top executives. We have presence in more than 18 countries around the world including New Zealand, Hong kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
    if anyone would like to learn more please contact me via email.

  32. Hi Sheldon,

    Thanks for you message.
    Do you mean you are focusing on businesses originally from NZ or people that are based in NZ?
    I have partners in NZ who are working in the front line to grow our business and we are more than interested to have a print on your list.
    Our home base for distribution to Australia is in NZ
    Claudia Pelaez

  33. Hi i Notice that Your Inspiration at Home is not on your list of MLM / Party Plan. Yes it is an australian business but it is open here in New Zealand 🙂

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