NZ Dating Sites: List of ALL the New Zealand Online Dating Websites

The purpose of this website is to list all of NZ’s Dating Sites & NZ Dating Apps.

Why? Because being alone sucks, so let’s find someone to share your life, your heart and your bed with.

Is there a website missing from the list below? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below.

TOP New Zealand Dating Sites

These online dating sites are your best bets for finding a date. If you disagree, say so in the comments below!

  2. [Built by TradeMe]
  5. /

(Looking For NZ Dating Apps (iPhone, Android) Popular in NZ?)

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NICHE: NZ Dating Sites Focused On A Niche

Oh how cute! The oldies have their own online dating website! Aww how sweet, one focused on single parents. And look! Lot’s of options for you gay’s and lesbians. Fancy a Ukrainian woman as your bride? There’s a website just for you. Can Christians date? Sure! But remember not to make sweet sweet love until after marriage.

  1. [Cheaters]
  2. [Cheaters]
  3. [Sugardaddy / Sugarbaby]
  4. [Oldies]
  5. [Single Parents]
  6. [Gay & Lesbian]
  7. [Gay Men]
  8. [Indian]
  9. [Chinese]
  10. [Asian]
  11. [Oldies]
  12. [Gay Men]
  13. [Gay Men With Sneaker Fetish]
  14. [Gay Men]
  15. [Cheaters]

SPEED DATING: Speed Dating Sites In New Zealand

This list of dating websites is just for Speed Dating

  1. [Auckland]
  2. [Auckland]
  3. [Mingle, Wellington Only]

AGENCY: NZ Dating Agency Websites

This list of websites is just for Dating Agencies and Introductions Agencies

  1. [Agency]
  2. [30+]
  3. [Agency for rural people, anywhere in NZ]

More New Zealand Dating Sites

These online dating sites are lacking a little in style. If you disagree, say so in the comments below!


Crap NZ Dating Sites

This list of online dating sites includes sites that are either unfinished, dead (or dead pages), or doorways to large international online dating sites (and so not focused on NZ)

  1. [Door to]
  2. – Door to
  3. [Door to]
  4. [Doorway to]
  5. [Doorway to]
  6. [International]
  7. [powered by DatingFactory]
  8. [Heard lots of nasty stories about their service]
  9. [International site, without a focus on NZ]
  10. [Doorway to]

What do you think about these lists of NZ Dating Sites?

  • Have I made a mistake? Let me know in the comments below!
  • Have I forgotten to list your favourite online dating website? Let me know in the comments below!
  • Have you scored a date using one of these websites? Tell your story in the comments below!

219 thoughts on “NZ Dating Sites: List of ALL the New Zealand Online Dating Websites

  1. i tried that site mentioned in your top 10 above but it says account suspended…is that gone?
    I met quite a nice chick on the LoveOnline site but it didn’t work out in the end though.


  2. Hi Sheldon,

    I’m the owner of I understand completely why you have categorised us under ‘doorways to large international online dating sites (and so not focused on NZ)’ as we use World Dating Partners to provide the back end and database of users.

    But I did this on purpose – first started out as a unique privately owned adult dating website, but unfortunately did not have enough members to make it worthwhile signing up for – the old chicken and egg scenario.

    So I purposely partnered with a large already established dating site, but it is still completely focused (restricted) to NZ’s only. Now has a large and well established membership base so you actually have a chance of meeting someone… 🙂

    I’ve also recently opened up that partners with Dating Factory who is World Dating Partners main competitor – thus providing access to more NZ’s looking for adult dating.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.
    ~ David

        • I cant delete my profile because I havent suspended my Billing because I need a FAX machine to do that!!! Why is it so hard to just have a button to click on that says “cancel”? Because thats how they make their money. By making it difficult. Who knows how many people have money dripping out of their accounts into another without them noticing. First “girl” I talked to tried to get me to open another account on a different website that required credit card info first off. And no im not grumpy, Im fucked off because of people like this who make money for shit service and ripping people off.

      • In my opinion NZdating, Mingle2 and Plenty of fish are not bad sites considering they are free and also offer gold membership too, thumbs up on those 3 so far lads.. happy dating

        • Face to face and up front introductions are much better ,more professional and you know who you are dealing with. monthly events are fun, professional and you can see who all the other clients are and you are able to mingle, chat. You guys should give it a go!!

  3. Hey Sheldon,

    Can you put Adult Fun | NZ Dating up on the list? I’ve been a proud member of it for a few months and met up with some good people from there. They have everything you need and more for a NZ Dating site, its looks really nice inside, and seem to cater for everything and anyone with chat rooms too. Plus this NZ Dating site is genuinely sneaky fees unlike most others.


    • I had a look at AdultFun and found if I did a reverse search on the images women posted and said were them almost 50% of them were stolen images and not them.
      One girl claimed to be in Queenstown but I spoke to the woman in her profile picture and she didn’t know about her image being used and was in Maine Texas. She was a very well known soft core porn star
      All the fakes wanted was people to send them their email addresses

  4. Just a comment that you’re site’s interesting, not the usual ‘imported’ guff, but I recently signed with matchcompany, which is a matchmaker and was a little sceptical but have in fact been provided with a wonderful lady who really restored my faith in my own ability and in ‘matchmaking’. It’s a long and lonely road out there sometimes, so I’m glad the old style still seems to do the business.

  5. What happened to Was the whole thing a scam? Why is the website cached now?
    I was scammed by a man claiming to be Russell Segers, he used fake photos of someone and their daughter, and he spun lies for a month before it became obvious he was one of the Nigerian based scammers targeting women for money.
    If any female gets a message from a male with the address, claiming to be a solo father to Emilie a 13 year old and posting pictures, BEWARE! He will call, spin lies, and then make up a story about his daughter getting injured on a work trip in Nigeria and ask for money.
    All dating sites should be wary of anyone using this email or name too..

  6. hi
    sorry. i was trying to contact you but didn’t find any link to do so.
    i am the owner and the administrator of the website is up for sale and we are looking for local dating site to take over otherwise we will be negotiating the price with world dating site to take over.
    we have been runing this site for years and years and it has all organic links and it is super powerful when it comes to search engine optimisation. simply you can test this and you will find out the results just search for nz dating or nzsingles and surely we are in the first page. the sole reason we are selling is : we are shifting from this industry to pure marketing area.
    for more info or if sound interesting for you, we can prove the huge volume of traffics , all the traffics are organics are we never pay to get any of them.


  7. Hi, I saw on (I think) Cameron Live a new dating site where men pay women for a date in NZ. The show was about: How much would men pay to go on a date with hot women. I can’t find it, but was interested. Do you know it? Thanks, Cathy

  8. Just be aware of I went for the $4 three day trial, then they automatically started charging me $51/month after the three days were up.

  9. Hi Sheldon,
    i am not a Kiwi by origin but have lived in NZ for two years and am planning to return for good now (from Germany). I would love to meet a Kiwi man.
    So what site can I use and sign up on?
    Thanx, Annett

  10. I’ve had no luck on these dating sites trying to find a gay guy, and have received messages from African guys who I immediately blocked!

    • if you are looking for a gay guy then you could try

      They are a hook-up site, but I met a few guys on there, and as long as you are up front about wanting long term, there shouldnt be to much issue.

  11. Go on our web site and sign up. we are going to hold picnics,speed dating evenings and dinner for 12 events. Email us for a get together and fill in an application form and let us help you.

      • yes thanks, we are only looking at tauranga at this stage but hopefully in the future we will expand.
        Also doing a gay/lesbian speed dating evening. All they have to do is email us and we can go from there.

      • Our Launch for the sugar and spice Dating Agency is on the 11th May. $60 per person for a cruise and dinner on the Kewpie Cruise. Call us 027 2905281 or go on the web page, to check it out. Book now to avoid disappointment!!

  12. Dear friends ,
    Try new new zealand dating and chating site chance to find the date for kiwis .
    Thousands of online member on site ready to date and chating not only promoting site in new zealand but also in australia.Trying to get the people from austalia to chat with you.
    Every year 50,000 new zealand moving to australia from them 35% singles trying to get them on this site to chat and find someone should be same culture and location. is basically new zealand chating site so most of member from new zealand .

  13. I’m on findsomeone. have not had much luck finding many christian men on there tho. could you recommend a free, only nz based, christian website please?

  14. isn’t an NZ site but there are a surpising amount of kiwis on there and has pretty cool features like answering questions (hundresd of them) and then see other people’s responses. Also it doesn’t cost anything to message people and the people on that site seem more serious about finding someone for a relationship rather than just hook ups.

  15. NZ Dating is the only site worth joining

    It’s real
    It’s free
    It works

    I’ve met over a 100 women off that site and had lots of fun…

    All the others are crap , either an outright scam or don’t have a large enough active membership to offer anything of value.

    Roger H.

    • Ummm I have to disagree with you Rodger. Our agency is great fun and valuable to our current clients. 1) Its face to face only so you get to meet the clients straight away at all events. 2) We have fun events and lets face it, you get out what you put in. If you want to be a “sad Sack” then you won’t enjoy yourself and meet anyone. 3) Its not a scam, and even though you pay a minimal payment, which is very cheap, you will get a lot out of it. We are not false, we are trusting professional people who will do anything to help people. Try it before you judge!! Please.

    • I’m sorry but NZD is ok for people looking for a ONE NIGHT STAND, but the ones like me looking for a genuine relationship sadly its a waste of time

      • Hi Jan,
        I see your comment is dated 7/9/14 which was some time ago, however I have only just come across your comment.
        If you are looking for a genuine relationship please try my dating site: That is, if you haven’t already found someone. I built 5050 from the ground up here in NZ and do not accept overseas registrations. 5050 also has many features that other dating sites do not have like ‘Vlog’ and ‘Date Safe’ (50/50 Verification).
        After being on the dating scene myself for some time, I’ve tried to implement new strategies that I think can work (if only people used them) to help find a suitable partner.
        There are many public pages available to view before registering, as well as you can do a search on the Homepage to see if there is anyone that interests you BEFORE you register. I also offer 24 Hrs Free Gold membership upon registration (no Credit Card required) or 1 month’s free membership if you upload a vlog.
        Please try it.
        Best wishes,
        Jay Mac

  16. is an international website, which I joined after it was recommended it to me. Boy have I regretted it. It is awful! You are sent piles of fake emails mostly from people overseas. You cannot search for people in nz only. And to unjoin you have to fax luxembourg. Also i made the mistake of paying to join and didnt read the fine print, thinking i was paying month by month but they hit me for the whole lot up front. Dont touch it with a bargepole.

  17. Rose , are you sure you have been able to leave BE2 , a lot of people world wide would like to know how you did it . Please read the link I left on here back up a bit . TO ANY BODY THINKING OF JOINING BE2 , DO YOU REALY WANT TO
    A lot of people are really having trouble with the site as its all a scam .
    For starters its owned by Americans and run out of Europe to get around the laws . Another site which reviews just about any thing wont carry info other than soft bullshit about BE2 for some reason . When I challenged them about it they dropped my comments about other sites , so much for freedom of speech .

    • No i havent got out. Apparently you have to fax Luxemburg! First you. Have to find a fax machine…. My brother met someone on it, so he thinks its great!

      • finding a fax machine is going to be the least of your worries .Do yourself a favour and close the card you joined with . Change bank if you can’ t get them on side . Please read the link I have posted . There are a lot of people just like you there . Good luck Rose .

  18. Ji, what happened to, why do they not feature on your lists? I would like to know how they are rated! Onother new one is, a bloody sad story!! Cheers

  19. Hi Sheldon, Any experience with Datechat
    Couldn’t see it anyware on the listing. Maybe someone out there has some experience with it.

  20. I joined Match Company four years ago, I paid $650 which was a huge amount of money for me, in that time I have not had ONE match from Rosie! I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone, I have rung and emailed Rosie several times and she fobs me off every time. Shame!

  21. Please add Have A Fling. I joined this site out of curiosity. I met very nice people on here, the site is very discreet and fun. Ladies get to reply and correspond for free… so guys do the hard work lmao. My first date turned into a beautiful relationship, and still going.

  22. Hi Sheldon,
    Sorry I did not read to manny of the messages here, i wish they were posted in ascending, rather than descending order though.

    Anyway, I have been trying, for 8 months to find a good ‘free’ dating site, with adequate screening processes to eliminate, people with no photographs ore incomplete profiles.

    How easy is it to set up your own dating website? I am beginning to think this would be my next best option.

  23. Oh, and, if you want an opinion of POF (plenty of fish). It is a truism, but this site is not a good fishing spot. They couch themselves in great psychological assessment tools, but do not require members to complete them! Plus, like many sites, they allow people to join and participate without having to supply a single photograph.

    They tout that they have millions of members, but could not match me with even one person. The nearest, they could find, two people, miles away who had only one interest in common with me.Plus Their chat /message processes are cumbersome and illogical.


  24. I had a look and saw some people from other sites there . If any thing all the people look real . I wonder if you could tell me if you have to pay to use the site . Thanks

    • Hi Alex thanks for the reply this site looks real. It is free site but paid version has full access like unlimited emails, chat facilities. Unpaid members can only send 5 smiles and emails to limited members only. unpaid members can’t exchange phone or emails through site. I am still trying to get my hand on this website..

      • is the by far the largest and most popular dating site in NZ with over 1.5 million Kiwi registrations. It’s probably bigger than all other dating sites in NZ combined because it’s genuinely free to use, is owned by NZ’ers and has been around for over 15 years with NZ full time staff. It’s the only dating site you need in NZ.

  25. Wow this all makes for and interesting read…

    I tried a few in the list and my favourite nz dating site is it’s pretty basic in functionality but has everything I want in order to date. What I do like is I can jump on my phone or tablet and it looks and work well ( I love the touch sliding pages) makes it feel like a magazine… I can’t say that for a lot of them.

    I also reported a member as a scammer and they was removed the next day so the admin appear to be active… And the quality of the profiles is a lot better. No doggy pics either. I think that’s because the verify them before they go up.

    Overall I’m happy… Hopefully they add more features though.

    Seeing its free I’m well impressed for that reason it’s my number one I’m not as I’m not restricted.

    So if your looking for one where you can message members freely without paying and a safe environment then I would suggest

    P.s. thanks for the person who made this site it’s been a big help.

  26. Is the list in order of the best site at the top? If not, could a list be made up of the best site first (i.e. which site you are most likely to end up with a date) and also a black list of the sites that create fictious profiles and where you have no idea if your message has actually been sent and read like is shown on find someone.

  27. Okcupid is a good one, very polished/professional looking unlike ones like nzdating and free, its international but has quite a few kiwis on it. (and often a better calbre of people than nzdating)

  28. I have tried it was pretty Awesome! (in my experience) 🙂 not too expensive and didnt charge monthly amount like some do (used a credits based system)
    I met a few hotties on there… hehe YAY!

  29. Hi, there is a new dating website called They are based in NZ and have only just started but have a couple of really cool new features that no other sites have.

    Get this, they allow members to create date nights, like select a place and a date and the type of person they want to meet, then other members can make offers to meet them. They select the offer they like the best and go on the date. Afterwards they leave feedback about each other, so for example, if the guy is boring or hot every other member will know what to expect if they meet them. How cool is that.

    • When you say “they” you actually mean “my” don’t you Len because it’s your site right? Don’t be shy mate!

      • Hi Sheldon, er well yes, I wrote it and as you say am perhaps being a little shy…as well as shamefully plugging away.

        We (my admins and I) are trying to be innovative with the new features and plan to advertise the site on FB and Google shortly.

        Our membership has started to grow after a slow start since GrabOne did a small ad for us in the Tauranga area, but it is difficult getting over the chicken/egg situation that others have mentioned here.

  30. I forgot to mention that allows free members as well premium.

    The free members get to do everything that premium do except for create new date nights.

    They get all the custom blocking tools, unlimited messages, photos, etc and can make offers for date nights.

    Premium members have a little more information like who is looking at you right now and who has you on their favourites list, but it still great news for members who want to meet people fast but don’t want to pay for the service.

  31. Senior Dating Network is a bit dicey. They cost $75 for one month, and then every time you go on they blast commercials for using ‘add-on’ products. When I first started using the site, and was trying to answer a message I’d been sent, I kept getting a huge red notice saying there was something wrong with my profile/email or who knows what.

    When I wrote to support to work this out, the support return messages were vague and didn’t leave me to think they’d worked out the problem. The site is owned by a company in England that has a host of these sites — I would avoid it. — Adrienne

  32. Thanks Sheldon,

    So nice to have a genuine list so i
    know what to look for and where to
    go with out getting a woman or man
    from Nigeria trying to scam you for
    money 🙂

    I have not been sucked in and would
    never send money as i have a security
    back ground and i hope that no one out
    there is getting sucked into these scams.

    Thanks Sheldon

    Kind regards


  33. NZ dating singles has a steady stream of scammers using the usual porn pics ,other pics from Face book ,you name it . There seems to be no management of the fake profiles .One of the better dating sites would have to be Connecting Singles , full function with NO fees . Its an international site with many NZ’s on it . Active forums both aus/nz and an international one as well . Other areas to. There are now and again NZ “based” scammers but mostly off shore being US listed profiles run from any where but the US . Would I recommend it ? yes but not if you want a jump by Friday

  34. Hey..I recommend you go through your list of websites in all categories. Especially yout top websites as ALOT of them have dissappeared/link to spam,etc.

  35. Tinder app has no Asians also the only girl ever responded was an auto spam using kinky phrasing to obtain credit card details via questionable link

    Plz provide decent dating app where there’re genuine single users

  36. Hi Sheldon
    Thanks for your website – very helpful.

    I noticed both ‘eHarmony’ and ‘’ are not on any of your lists. Were you aware of them?

    • Phil , have you joined Be2 ? perhaps before you join check out my link above that has a lot of people that have been scammed by Be2 , not other members but the site . If you work for the site , wish you were in jail for the grief your site has caused vulnerable people .

      • I joined up to the free part about 18 months ago I think. Unlike Rosie above, I was able to search for people in NZ, and don’t recall having any problem withdrawing from it. I had almost forgotten about it but it stalks me endlessly on Facebook.

  37. Hi Sheldon
    This site no longer works

    Would you consider putting newest emails at the top instead of the bottom? It takes ages to get to bottom to leave a comment. Otherwise would you consider making a comments page? When you get to a certain amount of comments it goes onto another page,

    • Thanks for pointing that site out Tania, and thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a think about how I can improve it! 🙂

  38. EliteSingles is the most useless one. You can not choose your partners, you can’t search, you are very limited in your actions. They are good for your protection though. I wouldn’t recommend this site

  39. I have recently joined elitesingles and so far found it very disappointing. They call it intelligent matches but it couldn’t be further from the truth. They matched me with people who smoke for instance, when I strongly indicated smoking was out for me and they can’t even get the right country. Why match me with Aussies and Wellingtonians when I’ve indicated a 50 km max from the Shore, Auckland.
    Another person who is messaging me says he has the same problems and is also very disappointed.
    I would put elite singles down as CRAP.

      • I am utterly disappointed with They advertise it as a site for sophisticated singles with high expectations. Well, my expectations are certainly not met. They allow people to post poor profiles with hardly any information, and worse, no photos. After I send them a list of complaints and feedback, their answers were truly ridiculous, and frankly, an insult to my intelligence. There are so many things wrong when using this site, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not user friendly at all and takes up too much of my time. Because I am not happy with their service, I’ve asked them to refund me the remainder of my paid membership but they’re refusing to give me my money back. Do you know where I can receive help to get my money back? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

        • Hi Ellen, sorry to hear it hasn’t worked out for you. First thing to check is their Terms of Service. It is likely there is a clause in there (which you agreed to when you created your account) that will prevent you from getting the refund you want. If you think a refund is appropriate, then the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” and email them (daily) and insist.

    • Actually I’d disagree with the comments made about Elite Singles. True, I signed up for free in early Dec. Obviously that was there Beta version and they had a few issues, and initially there was no-one in their database so initially I too got matched with a few ozzie guys, but now days nearly all of the matches are from NZ and the odd ones I’ve met from Oz write too.

      This site is definitely improving, and I would watch it. Going to take a good market share eventually. Unique personality matching which is unique and a lot smarter than any of the other dating websites that I see out there. Be interested to hear of others experiences, but so far have met several potentials who appear to be more interested in the long term.
      Definitely on the rise and imroving!

    • After this initial questionnaire, you have to fill up your profile and upload photos. I had been in the website for a week and I realized that there were a lot of users without pictures and who hadn’t filled up much info in their profiles. Since I was feeling quite exposed, I tried to delete some of my profile sections and set a filter so users without a picture couldn’t see my profile. Unfortunately, none of these were possible, which is quite frustrating.
      Lastly, as mentioned in the beginning, most of the suggested matches and it was really rare to find an attractive one. Moreover, when I finally found someone that I liked, most girls didn’t even reply to the messages and I just had a few nice conversations.
      Therefore, I would not recommend EliteSingles, just stick with Tinder since there are so many good looking and chatting girls over there. Don’t waste your precious money as I did.

  40. sorry i didnt know what to write…
    i just finally finished layout that i like and the page so yeah… just trying to get it up there i know it will take a while because of the big dogs out there but its a hobby i spose…

    is it just me or is CAPTCHA hard to read lol i took it off my site

  41. wow one small page of terms and conditions . Actually readable rather than pages of bullshit that you need a team of lawyers to interpret .I understand by reading your terms and conditions that there is no cost to use the system ,is this so ? Are you developing a fine nose for sniffing out the perianal scammers that follow the market of dating sites .

  42. I think hes talking to me sheldon

    Yes no pages of bs here like all sites.
    No cost to use my site/ system
    If you want to upgrade to gold…to do and have more features you can do so.
    the choice is up2 you. everything is free on site but has a daily limit etc and limitations….

  43. I used both dating websites for 11 past years and for 8 past years, but not a single NZ girl took an interest in me, at all.

    I am 45 year old and I waited/looked for 22 to 30 year old NZ European girl for 34 past years.

    I did not know which is which the best/suitable dating websites for me, to look for NZ girl, without wasting my money paying for membership.

    Can you please help me.

    • Hi Clinton. Just about every man aged 40+ is attracted to women 15-20 years younger than him, but it is very rare to have that attraction reciprocated. That is most likely your problem – the odds are stacked against you. Perhaps you should try dating in your age bracket for a few months? You may be pleasantly surprised by finding your sole mate. She won’t have a 20 year olds body, but maybe she’ll have other qualities that will last the test of time that you’ll realise you value highly.

  44. Age do not matters.
    I am looking for 22 to 30 years old friendly young women to mother my future children as I never had children, but want to have children.
    Women past 40th birthday, do not have eggs and cannot make babies.
    So more sense for me to date a 22-year-old nice unmarried young woman.
    Older women in 40s and over are too aggressive and are usually married.

    • And you lay these requirements on your first date, or to save time, upfront on your profile?

      “I require an attractive, young receptacle for my seed. You will deliver our first child within 10 months of our meeting. Our second, within 19 months. If this describes you, apply now for our first date.”

      That’s cold man.

    • Hey Clinton well i am Joane by name am 32 yrs old i have look for a man at your age all my life i join different dating sites as you but nothing better all man only does fake promises i want a man who will love me care for me in a serious relationship that can lead to marriage ..catch me on facebook Glover Joane…so that we can chat and get to know each other to see what life and destiny do reserve for us

  45. These words ### below are nonsense as I am a patient man and I prefter a young woman who don’t mind wait for up to 6 years from meeting, to have a baby, rather than a 35 to 40-year-old impatient woman who demanding to have a baby with 10 months from now.

    I am happy to have a friendship, then relationship, over 4-6 next years with a young woman, before get married & have a baby.

    I don’t like impatient women, neither women likes impatient men.

    ###“I require an attractive, young receptacle for my seed. You will deliver our first child within 10 months of our meeting. Our second, within 19 months. If this describes you, apply now for our first date.”

  46. There are so many sites (listed in the Top 15) that have completely fake databases. I work in I.T & it only takes a few weeks of browsing a site’s members to see that female member numbers are not accurate with a large percentage of ‘fake’ profiles setup to give the appearance the site has a large membership.

    This is bad business practice if as an owner of one of these sites you to hope to gain long term member retention. I personally have called out one site in particular on this when having joined as free member, I was bombarded with messages I could only gain access to by joining. Upon joining as a 1 month member it was very apparent that these members were fake profiles. The website was contacted and after a generic ‘we adhere to international business practices’ bullshit reply from them, I again asked to them to respond by answering the issue concerned, and not surprisingly I got no response.

  47. Hi Sheldon.
    thanks for the support and listing of as number 5 in the above best dating sites. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts we were never able to get major traction of inter -communication between our 2000 approx members so after 5 years of making no money we’ve decided to take the site down !
    ironically, we engineered our own demise by being to ethical in that we manually approved member daily, dumping at least 40 % as false or potential spammers etc. Some of the comments above are corrrect. A lot of sites have “phantom” profiles or don’t remove members who have been inactive for years. On the upside there are some positive stories of happy results from dating sites.
    We ran ours at $ 2.95 a month near the end and still really got nothing of consquence….it was only costing $ 30 a month to run but???
    We still own the domain name which is a very good one and is for sale and also we have a very high end software and template for anyone who doesn’t want to shag us around and offer a fair price??
    Anyway, mate..sadly you may as well take us out of the mix and good luck with what you’re doing.

    • Hi Rob,
      I am just starting a dating website (Please see my note below) and would be really interested in talking to you.

      Like you, I am trying to play the game honestly, I have no intention of having ghost members, I have included a ‘remove me’ button for people who want to leave, we do not have any sort of subscription mechanism so premium members physically have to pay again to keep their (premium) membership running.

      Sheldon, if Rob is willing to chat, would you mind sending him my email address, or sending his email address to me please?

      Thanks mate,


  48. I not at all surprised by the admission from Rob above regarding the ethical management of his member database perhaps being the cause of the demise of his site. He obviously also spent enough time in R&D of when launching the site to know of ‘Phantom’ and inactive members in the databases of other sites. I can tell you from my experience that the practice of inflating the female database with ‘fake’ is widespread on numerous sites as I stated above.

    Member retention is all down to the right business model. Sadly social media sites that are free to use are currently all beefing up their the ‘dating’ delivery of product.

    Based on my experience of the sites, I had considered launching one myself, but then saw how successful the social media dating is becoming.

    Rob, if the software and template that you mention is a turnkey product, I may be interesting in discussing. I wouldn’t be interested in the domain name however. If you wish to discuss is there and email address you can be contacted through?

  49. I’m just wondering who you can report dating scammers too? Not scammers as in Nigerian send me you money or websites that rip you off but people that use fake profiles and pretend to be people they’re not? Catfishing is the term that MTV have created an entire series around where people pretend to be someone their not.
    I have complained to findsomeone about this person and the resulting physically aggressive nature of the person but haven’t heard back from them.
    I wonder, has anyone complained to the Department of Internal Affairs Anti-Spam Unit/Electronic Messaging Compliance Team?
    Surely there has to be a way to sort these people out?

    • Hi Helen, interesting question. I think it should be the dating websites responsibility. I would have thought they’d be a “report this user” button on every profile?

  50. Hi I’m looking for a site for a fling. I tried this is a site you have credit. Seems the females ask you to contact them spend the credit, they then may talk for a few days but then all goes sour. Anyone else had this problem or you have had luck. Ashley Madison seems to be same concept have not joined this one feedback for this one will be appreciated too.

    • I was also on the site for a while, paid for membership, first thought got scammed coz had no response, but later on started sending out messages to a few others and hooked up with a couple ladies 🙂 So yeah the site is genuine.

  51. Hi Richard i was also on that site for 2 month and didn’t get any hooked up with anyone was really bored there i even took of my profile from there .well am desperately I’m looking for a man who’s decent, respectful, honest, loving, sweet, and caring. Someone who will accept and love me for who and what I am. Someone who’s religious and family-oriented. A man who will love me faithfully and sincerely. Someone who will turn my world upside down. A man who will stand by and will be there for me at the end of time. Someone who can make my life more colorful and meaningful. I’m simple and kind lady. I’m a happy, easy to get along and fun to be with. I’m friendly, religious, responsible and hardworking. I love watching movies and traveling beautiful places. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I enjoy the company of others as well. I love mingling with other people on how they interact with each other. I really enjoy running, it’s my sport to keep me physically fit and healthy…i think we can chat on facebook so that we get to see each other and get to know each other more my name there is Glover Joane what is yours ?

  52. Hi Joane have you thought about Connecting Singles . I have been on it tooooooo long . Has a dating side to it as well as active forums . There are no costs at all , not bullshit no costs as some sites are but completely free . Takes a week before members are allowed onto the forums . Usual problem with scammers though , but you won’t have to pay to be scammed .

  53. its trustworthy just make sure u use your own gut instincts with who contacts you, alot are only after one thing, i am on there wanting a relationship and all i get are guys who are younger than my sons being verbally disgusting and men my own age who play you, sad but im still hopeful 🙂

  54. A good way to protect yourself on subscriber based sites, get yourself a pre-paid credit card (about $30), the loaded everyday one is decent, put $5 on it, if the site is a load of bull, this stops em dead and $35 is better than hundreds plus 🙂

    Just an idea.

  55. I joined matchfinder and paid my subscription. The site is really poorly organised, it has lots of things that don’t work and even the FAQs are still in latin which is what happens before a site is complete.
    I’ve tried to unsubscribe a couple of times now and am getting no response…. any suggestions on how I can stop them taking my money again next month?
    Would definitely NOT recommend them.

  56. Good site Sheldon but I would add the following comments
    Don’t pay anything to join a site there are plenty of totally free sites out there.
    Use a Google reverse image search add-on in your browser and find the fake profiles built around stolen images.
    (on one site I found over 40 in less than 15 minutes)
    Never send money to anyone you meet on a site
    Be careful who you give your email address to
    People don’t seem to realize the value of their personal information to the scammers /spammers

  57. Hi Sheldon, I have just released a new website for NZ only:

    I have been refining it after market testing where some experienced dating site users reckoned it was better than FS…high praise indeed. Furthermore, we give free members more usability like able to send messages and premium members will only pay about a third of what FS are asking.

    It has a great messaging system similar to that found on iPhones and has a unique ‘DateKnight’ feature that you really should check out…as it gets you meeting people faster than ever before.

    Its new and we are just starting out, so we are pushing hard for new members and are giving away FREE Premium Membership. You just join up, then go to the membership menu item, enter the code: d8262fe0 and click Try Voucher. You will be instantly rewarded with 3 months free premium membership.

    Thanks Sheldon,


    • Hi Alex, thanks for the heads-up. I have checked this out and you are right. It was taken from someone who genuinely joined the site and I didn’t know it was a scammer…sorry about that.

      They will be removed immediately…and the front page updated.


    • What’s done to dump the rubbish?

      Well, we have links throughout the site that members can click to complain about a profile, message, etc and we will quickly act upon those. Admins can remove a profile and all associated messages at the click of a button.

      We also have message boards where members can suggest improvements to the site, so it you have a good idea, we will incorporate it asap.

    • Hi again Alex,
      I forgot to mention that I have just completed an ip address tracker.

      You may be interested to know that the profile you identified came from the USA and using the new tracker, should allow us to identify those sorts of attacks quicker from now on.

  58. Elite singles is a scam u sing up then get slammed with a bill if u want to try and chat to anyone. Also after u have spent the time filling out the not negotiates, they send u profiles with what u are not looking for.

  59. thank you for posting this information. Here’s a dating site to AVOID;

    Is sending out messages that appear to be from its members but they are really sent from their system and they are doing this without the members permission. I had just signed up and done part of my profile one night when the next morning I got 49 emails from the site with about 30 messages from members. I was shocked to receive all these messages from other members that I didn’t contact and when I checked my account history, it showed me as having sent out messages to these people first. The site didn’t tell me they were going to send out generic messages pulled from my info as soon as I joined – without my ok – to a large number of their members. I would never have contacted all these people and now I have all these messages (which you can’t read until you pay for an upgrade, just one of many ways they force you to give them money) from people I never wanted to contact in the first place.
    This site is terrible and is acting in a unscrupulous way. They are making false contacts, thinking they are doing me a favour when in fact this is a nightmare for me and these men who think they are being played then ignored. I’ll never know if any message I get is actually from the member or if the site is playing games. This seems to be the NZ franchise of a bigger European company, so I don’t know if they are acting on their own or if it’s their policy to send out false messages. Avoid this site at all costs.

    • AcademicSingles (and probably other Be2 sites) works the same way. You cannot see images as a free member, cannot read messages sent to you, and cannot reply to generic messages which the site seems to generate from your account profile and from others. Upgrading membership is horrendously expensive (minimum $318 for 3 months, $360 for 6 months). Just horrible, and best avoided.

  60. Elite Singles is a total scam. Signed up for Elite singles started receiving messages but not able to read them until I became a premium member wtf! Stupidly took a six month membership should have not continued when at payment time they were taking the full six months payment no facility to pay monthly. There was no mention that at the end of the six months the membership would automatically renew. I stopped logging into Elite after a couple of months as any matches I did get were from total weirdos nothing Elite about these guys!!! So had pretty much forgotten about it until this week I get a notification that Elite has been paid for another six months…at about the same time I receive an email from Elite informing me that my membership about to be renewed….too late for me to cancel as per their t&cs. Emailed Elite pointing out this in unacceptable and they need to refund my money, they have said no and referred to their t&cs….have lodged a dispute with PayPal for unauthorised payment.

  61. Would love some feedback on Need premium to get anywhere but subscription is ridiculous at $90 for 1 month or $150 for 3 months. Would like to know if the volume and quality of females on the site justifies the investment. Tinder has been great for me except there aren’t many christian girls on there which is a preference for me.

      • No they don’t. You can sign up for free but unless you’re a premium member you can’t view images or communicate with others.

    • I’m surprised by the negative reviews of ES. I’ve been a member for a few months, and have had plenty of good quality dates, and interacted with many more. All well-educated, professional people (and no, not that kind of professional), with lots of information about them, and comments and pictures are vetted. Some are looking for long-term commitments, some not. Some looking only for Christians, most not. Almost all in the same city (the site tells you where they are, down to suburb). You cannot search for individuals, or specific locations – just a radius around you (so I guess you could game the system by changing your location).
      In my view well worth the relatively low cost of full membership – which most seem to have signed up to – at least compared to other subscription sites like AcademicSingles (which seems to be a complete rort).
      I guess you get matched with people like the information you put in about yourself – so if you don’t put in good quality info, you won’t get good matches. However, if you remove a match (or they remove you), then all correspondence also goes – which can be disconcerting. And the site is currently down – first time I’ve seen that.

  62. nzdating is now owned by Mediaworks,
    Theirs option to get free weekly gold membership with their monthly newsletter. Online members have dropped considerately to what it use to be. Its a numbers game for men.

  63. Hi Sheldon,

    Please feel free to review 50/50 NZ Dating We would be very grateful if you could add us to your list.

    50/50 has been built here in NZ and you don’t have to register to do a search (available right on the Homepage) to see if there are people available to meet in your area. Other pages available to view without having to register include: Dati Kati vlog/blog, Memberships and About Us.

    If you do decide to register at 50/50, you will be offered free gold membership for 24 hrs. Free Gold membership lets you Send Smiles, Send messages (including Live Chat), Send An Offer To Upgrade (to someone else) and invite someone for a ‘no strings attached’ 50/50 Coffee. A 50/50 ‘no strings attached’ Coffee invite means that each party pays for their own coffee and in doing so, this sends the message that you intend ‘to meet’ only and hopefully reduces the ‘sexual pressure’ that many women are faced with when meeting a stranger.

    The intended purpose of offering 24 Hrs Free Gold is the ability of members to then be able to send out their own personal ‘Easy as’ Intro. The Easy as Intro form shows you how to introduce yourself to someone properly. This is very easy to do, and probably the best way to make the first initial contact with someone – it certainly helps to reduce the feeling of ‘stranger danger.’

    If you enjoy being on the site, we offer a particular emphasis on vlogging to date safe (and offer one month’s free dating for anyone who sends us in their vlog). Uploading a vlog is one of the best ways to know that someone is who they say they are. You can then tick-box our 50/50 Verification form which will display the 50/50 Verification badge on your profile photo when you have a vlog present.

    We are one of the few dating sites in NZ that does not accept overseas registrations. As the internet is global, most dating sites are littered with scammers. 50/50 has blocks in place to prevent overseas registrations. And sorry folks, but just about all FREE dating sites will have scammers present, because these dating sites rely on advertising and traffic from overseas to populate their site. It’s a good idea to contact a dating site to find out if they allow overseas registrations. Many of the most popular ones – do.

    Paying something to join a dating site (at 50/50 we’re extremely competitive) is just a good idea. What this means is that you are
    a committed dater and are serious about finding someone. People who who don’t pay are really (sorry about this folks again) are really sending a signal that are just fooling around. And in general, they generally are.

    Would you really want to meet someone who hasn’t paid to be on a dating site?

    At 50/50 also, you can cancel payment if there’s no one that interests you at that time, but remain on the site for free if you wish. You don’t need to cancel your account to cancel payment.
    We also offer $1 Pay Per Profile (PPP) you can send as many messages as you like to one profile, or send a message to a Gold or Gold + V member for $1. This means people don’t have to commit to a monthly fee, if they don’t wish to.

    We do ask though, that everyone uploads a profile photo and completes an ‘Easy as’ Profile including choosing two hobbies from the drop-down.

    Best regards,
    Jay Mac
    50/50 NZ Dating

  64. I will find it very helpful if this webpage; could be ‘updated’ with more information? Like this with their charges, country of origin:

    I find it dishonest that certain websites aren’t upfront about their membership fees and/or subscription without signing up first for a ‘free account’. These ones are more likely not to provide real physical postal address and contact details apart from e-mail. Why all the secrecy, if they’re an honest website?

    “” redirects to “” MSN home page.

    I had a profile on “” for a number of years. I actively kept it up-to-date and initially I got contacted by other members and vice versa. Occasionally, I paid for a subscription to access ‘premium services’ so I could send messages. What I found quite often was no replies to my messages even long time members. I felt at times I was being contacted by ‘bait profiles’ usually without a picture and incomplete details. Another issue is some ‘single men are listed as single woman’ category, I don’t understand why they didn’t correct this.

    I followed their procedure not to auto-renew my subscription only to have my credit card debited as a result I had to cancel credit card at my own expense.

    A year ago, I corresponded with a member. I checked my message with friends beforehand to ensure it wasn’t offensive, abusive, etc. Then suddenly my account was suspended and reinstated within days except my profile details wiped. I e-mailed the company directly for an explanation; none were provided but apologies in poor English with a chance to recreate my profile from scratch, I decided not to do so as I have no confidence that same won’t happen again.

    Does anybody know of any good dating websites for people with disabilities such as mental health issues?


    • Use a debit card to sign up for sites, dating sites do not verify members except with email addresses. My experience with sites is that the longer you stay the less dates are available, new members get near 100% of the attention. Men also get easily filter to the ignor list for any number of reasons. We are after all competing with a fantasy. Of course theirs always a odd women out there.

      • Greg, you make some good points. I just wanted to check this, when you say “odd women out there” do you mean “strange/crazy” or do you mean “rare”?

        • Both, once they hit 40 its menopausal time and the crazy angry factor increases proportionally, sure some may deal with menopause okay, but many wont. And any man involved with them becomes a big target for all their issues and insecurities.
          Their odd be a few odd ones who are rational, its a gamble.

      • Hi Greg,
        This is Jay Mac and I own the website 50/50 NZ Dating – Using a debit card is always a good idea as most dating sites are not always free and ‘you’ can set your limit. At 50/50 there are many payment options and the memberships page is open to the public but for the ‘deals’ you have to register. You can message someone for just $1 (unlimited) or take up some of the free options when you register (no credit card required) but for good long term results – it’s best to pay. At 50/50 our memberships are ridiculously competitive and you can stay on the site for free as long as you like. You can also (if you’ve been on a monthly membership plan) just cancel payment and stay on the site until you see someone you may like to message.
        But your experience ‘the longer you stay the less dates are available, new members get near 100% of the attention’ is not true at all. New members come on the site all the time and everyone has the same options. Anyone who updates their profile has a red banner applied at 50/50 that says ‘UPDATED’ there’s also on all profile photos a notification that tells you when a member was last online. It would be fair to say, that the more active you are, the more likely it is that you will be meet someone. Also, if you use 50/50 properly – meaning – upload a good profile photo and complete all fields in your profile including two hobbies from the drop-down – you’re off to a good start. If you’re looking for an easy fix there isn’t one. It all takes effort. In my experience, the people who make the most effort get the dates. Many people expect it all to magically happen for them without any effort on their part at all. This is unrealistic.

        • Thanks, but yeah nah,
          I’m 52, so got the next 12.5 years to clear student loan debt in get a caravan for retirement.
          I’m not that keen to deal with single angry menopausal women. Kiwi women under 40 rarely date men over 50, and I dont want to date anyone over 57, thats to close to dating my mother.
          I have plenty to do and enough imagination to keep myself entertained.
          I will get in a few trips to Thailand and Phillippines. #NZdatingTalkinghorse

  65. Hi Sandeep,

    As a global website (which we consider in the dating business as completely hopeless for NZers), (don’t be fooled by the will be full of scammers, bots, foreigners and you name it. 4,000 people a day is just a figure that appeals to – and I don’t like to have to say this, but sadly – men. Alexa ranking is a global ranking. ‘More’ is not necessarily better – think an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant, and ‘free’ is not necessarily better – think ‘Auckland City Mission.’ Good luck with that one Sandeep.

    Jay Mac
    50/50 NZ Dating

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