NZ Auction Sites: List of ALL The NZ Online Auction Websites

Here is the list of all the NZ Auction Sites and Classifieds Websites.

Have I missed your favourite? Add it to the comments below.

List of ALL The NZ Online Auction/Classified Websites

  8. [Books]
  10. [Cars]
  15. [Vehicles + Parts]

Reverse Auctions

What is a reverse auction?

“Buy and Sell Anything” Facebook Groups

A list of Facebook Groups dedicated to a single location that enable people to buy and sell anything:

Empty NZ Online Auction Websites

  1. (Completely empty)
  2. (Almost completely empty)
  3. (“under redevelopment” yeah, right)
  4. (almost completely empty)
  5. (pretty much empty)
  6. (almost completely empty)
  7. (almost empty)


  1. (dead)
  2. (dead)
  3. (dead)
  4. (dead)
  5. (now an Otago local business directory)
  6. (dead 10 July 2014)
  7. (now doing real estate instead)
  8. (dead)
  9. (dead)
  10. (pulled out of NZ)
  11. (dead)
  12. (pulled out of NZ
  13. (dead)
  14. (purchased by
  15. (dead)
  16. (dead)
  17. (dead)

65 thoughts on “NZ Auction Sites: List of ALL The NZ Online Auction Websites

  1. Hi,
    I am getting a new boat auction online that is based here in New Zealand but will allso cover most other countries.
    Its being setup to buy and sell boats and all boating related services as well as holiday packages, fishing charters and whatever else can be included to get boating people worldwide more interrested in what we hav here in New Zealand.
    it would be a big help if you could include us in your directory.

    Cheers, Gav.

  2. A new Auction site, only $3.95 membership and once a member everything is free. You must take a look and tell everyone about it. Is site will rock.

  3. Bargains4u is up and running now! Its now a wholesaler store – you wont find these prices in the shops -many of our customers buy our products to list and sell on ebay or trademe

  4. You know, One thing I hate is when people put up lists then can’t be bothered keeping it upto date. It really is pathetic. Thinking you are a hero to the world with such lists, maybe so if the information was correct and UPTO DATE. As it stands you are just some imbecilical, half witted idiot waffling on about something you obviously know nothing about. Get it up to date or take the site down.

    • I completely agree with you Paul, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      The half wit reference hurt me deeply but I shall survive.

          • Well. Depends on your definition of alive and well, I wouldn’t say 3000 listings on the who site is booming. Just a matter of time until Sheldons needs to update and move it south.

      • Just found this site, bit old, but golden response there Sheldon. haha. Any idea of the best site to buy a car currently?

        • Thanks Craig 🙂 I’d try them all and find one that is close by. The further you have to travel to view/test-drive the less bargaining power you have!

  5. Still not up to date… suggest you put a date when you last visited… kiwibidz for example has no virus on site and alot of the dead ones should be removed completely. No dead ones showing means I won’t visit them to see if you are right 🙂

  6. Now how do I persuade you to drop the aussie owned sites like trademe and sella to the bottom of the list. Trading in NZ but not true kiwi sites

  7. Hmmm his is getting even more interesting, Now I really do think that you have shares in the site wheedle, even though it has major problems with the script and legalities you still put it at number 2 AND it is not even trading… how much did they pay you to fiddle the numbers?

  8. kiwibidz is not dead, just undergoing a makeover I am told, I am also told it will be alive again this weekend. And just as a point of interest even though you keep plugging it SELLA is dead !!

  9. Looks like Wheedle is back up and running again, and it looks not too bad. Perhaps give them another chance, seeing as they are kiwi owned and operated and all.

  10. Hi,
    As pointed out earlier, Sella has changed to commercial ads only, i.e. you and me can’t advertise there. It’s now almost free of any content… you could call it almost dead, as in zombie.

  11. Greetings Sheldon,
    I have quite a few DVD’s and boxed sets that I have brought over the past few years from Overseas. Would like to sell them but most NZ sites will not allow because they have no NZ Classification Labels. Any ideas on what can be done or online options.



  12. BeQuick is my own creation, a non-auction, fixed price only site. It’s been around for some years now.
    Winna (or is a heavily modified version of a free auction site called webid.
    I also run the NZ Cellphone and Website Directory, the NZ Facegroups Directory, (I’m not allowed to say due to copyright) plus quite a few more sites of my own creation. Most are not flash, but they serve the purpose.
    Never heard of this site until searching for something else. Seems you never heard of mine either, although some have been around for many years.

  13. Why do all these NZ trading sites keep dying?

    We all know that Trademe has had a monopoly for far too long and that competition is good for the consumer. It is definitely possible to design and develop a much better trading site than they offer. Just look at the big trading sites overseas and you will begin to realise how bad Trademe is.

    Is it because new sites are caught in a catch 22 with not enough sellers and buyers to warrant switching from Trademe?

  14. I have been searching for a specific spinning wheel, that has appeared on TradeMe 3 times now (various sellers) But I am in USA and not allowed to join. One currently is even offered BIN, but I have been unable to even contact the seller to see if they would be willing to sell and ship to the US

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