NZ Directories: ALL the Online NZ Business Directories

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List of The Best FREE NZ Business Directories (In Priority Order):

  1. Google Plus / Google Maps [45 mins]
    • Not an easy process, but an essential path to getting on Google Maps
  2. [12 mins]
    • Easy to use. Good looking profile pages.
  3. [28 mins]
    • Impressive presence in for a variety of searches
  4. [27 mins]
    • Very cool map-based business directory
  5. [22 mins]
    • Good, clean, “minimalist” directory
  6. [34 mins]
    • “In growing stages, clean/sharp graphics, up to date functions. Promising” – [Thanks to James for his review]
  7. [17 mins]
    • Great design, easy to use

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Criteria For The Best NZ Business Directories:

To get on the official list above, the directory must meet most of these criteria:

  1. Does Google like it?
    • Does the directory often appear in Search Engine Results for a variety of NZ searches?
    • How good are the directories own Search Engine Rankings?
    • What SEO techniques does the directory use?
  2. Is the process of adding my website to the directory easy, intuitive and quick?
  3. Will it provide a clean hyperlink to my website?
    • “No-follow” hyperlinks are of little use to us
    • Redirection “tracker” hyperlinks are not as good
  4. Is the website approval time short?
  5. Are the other websites in the directory high quality? (Eg, have the webmasters let spammy websites through?)
  6. Can I specify my own anchor text for my hyperlink?

Other NZ Directories Worth Considering

I haven’t investigated the following sites in great detail. If you have used any of them, please write a short review of your own, in the comments below.

    • Global directory, with dedicated subdomains to New Zealand cities.  Rich text in the description field, you can add hyperlinks (this is rare). No longer free
  2. Good layout, good content
  3. (poor design, but may be worth registering)
  5. (NZ Small Business Directory and Travel Guide)
  6. (good design, but pretty empty)
  11. (Ghastly!)
  17. (Decent quality, and seems quite popular)
  18. (Very little in there, but looks ok)
  19. (Great layout)
  20. (Huge growth over last few years)
  24. (great design, layout)
  25. (specific to weddings)

Business Directories Dedicated to a Single Location

Time-Wasting NZ Directories To Avoid

This list is for directories with major flaws. Don’t waste your time on them. If you disagree, say so in the comments below.

  1. (abandoned long ago and it has slowly rotted away)
  2. (Crude, old, but effective (Page Rank 6!). But I have had no response to my requests for additions for years)
  3. (Very poor usability)
  4. [NZ] (only serving ads. No real NZ businesses)

List of NZ Business Directories You Have To Pay For:

In this list, there is no free listing. To register, you must pay.


Is There a New Zealand Online Business Directory Missing?

What other New Zealand directories do you think should be added to any of these lists? Add them in the comments below.

Don’t have time to add your business to these directories?

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182 thoughts on “NZ Directories: ALL the Online NZ Business Directories

    • SHELDON, Many years ago I purchased a hard copy of the NZ Business Directory or similar. It had in it all phone numbers and the first 3 letters of the householders name. It also gave streets and the householder of each number in the street. I cannot remember whether I had one or two but one of them showed every business in China and what they manufactured. Can I still buy anything like this and if so where from. My e mail address is anne_ Many thanks Anne

  1. Very nice list and good information, but I must ask what is wrong and makes these sites as you put it “poo” – and , both sites are in the growing stages, have clean/sharp graphics, up to date functions, with nz directory being a PR 5 directory with a lot of it’s categories having PR 4/3 and their Alexa rank isn’t too bad either, seems promising to me?

  2. Hmm… interesting, reason why my comment was not approved please? You are aware I had made a valid point regarding this post and the mentioned websites. Last time I checked this was the whole concept of running a blog, although a so called ‘search engine expert’ who uses the term “poo” to describe a websites design and structure, as well as using that as a reason not to check back on a sites progress, does explain a lot. At least me and a few work partners here at Fairfax had a good laugh about it, keep trying is my advice.

    • Hi James, your first comment went into quarantine because it contained 2 hyperlinks. It is now visible. And even though your second comment is mildly insulting I will leave that visible too because I embrace alternative points of view.

  3. Not a problem Sheldon, your welcome. Glad you had taken the points in to consideration and the time to view those websites, the list is looking good in my opinion. There is one other NZ search engine/directory which came to mind and that is , although I haven’t seen much happening with this site over the passed couple of years, it also seems to have a lot of Google ads and functions implemented in to it, might be worth adding to the “Other NZ Directories” list, I’ll let you decide.

  4. Hi Sheldon,

    thank you for the great list. I will definitely use some of them in the future.
    I was wondering if you are interested in reviewing the Yalwa Business Directory for New Zealand? The URL is
    Listings are SEO friendly and support links and html formatting. No backlinks required and it is also absolutely free to use.
    Many thanks!

  5. Great bunch of NZ search engine directories, I have done a bit of research and found a few other directories as well and once have spent time sifting through which are the better ones for SEO I can post up here too. 🙂

  6. Sheldon . . . This is bloody AWESOME.

    I am very new to this and have just built my first web site which I may add has been a fairly easy project using the Xara software. What you have done here has saved me many hours searching and researching. Much appreciated and again well done thank you.

  7. The 2CU website presents to the public the most complete database of community services in NZ.
    It is fast and easy to use. It provides an easy way to have all community service data in one place in a way that is relevant regionally and nationally . The database is owned by the registered nzCWET trust ( NZ Communities Web Enhancement Trust) that aims to give every service provider in NZ a free web page that is found easily by Google.
    The database is the first in NZ that has an API that allows universal access for personalised presentation.

  8. Thanks for the latest updates from you all. It is useful for us all to share what we learn.

    Just a few notes to add in case they are useful for you:
    * limelight[dot]co[dot]nz is a broken link
    * PageRank 3/10; a specific company’s listing on kiwivoice rank higher in Google’s SERPS than and (based on a listing made about 4 years ago); is a directory with a forum component. Looks underused but has potential for engagement.

  9. Hi Sheldon,

    Excellent list. Saved me a lot of time sorting thru the poo lol.

    I was wondering if you are interested in reviewing my dunedin directory called dunedin direct. It has a PR5 rating and is totally free and quick and easy to submit to.

  10. Thank you so much. I just started this site, and am trying to learn how to optimize it myself. I have followed your free advice, and I have just googled at the bottom of page 2 for shops nz and on the top of page 4 for nz shops. I realize that will change, but I am oh so happy.
    The site is only two weeks old.
    Many thanks, Terry

  11. Newzealand Classified Flyers is a good place to look for the relevant advertisements that give information about various business deals in newzealand. The services provided by newzealand Classified Flyers helps in creating many new business opportunities.

  12. Updates as of today: down for upgrade got an error page on submitting ARRGGHH! is still free but requires a reciprocal link

  13. This is a specialized directory site, but a directory site after all. In 4 months since launch it has over 80 business listed and growing daily.
    To list you have to produce or sell natural products and/or sell natural and/or organic products in New Zealand.

    To list is free . We will even do the listing for you

    • Hi Nicholas, I’m not in the habit of linking to “coming soon” websites. Let me know when you’ve launched and I’ll take a look

  14. Extremely helpful list Sheldon. I would also recommend using localist as well. It is easy to get a listing approved from them. There are so many that are simply a waste of time and never get around to approving your submission.

    The great thing about local directory listings is they help to improve your Google Places ranking in the search results. A must for any local businesses who want to be found online.

  15. Hi Sheldon, Business & Website Directory is ready for you to take a look, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  16. Most of the directory links seem to work fine and are free but you get what you pay for I guess..
    I found another site but more niche to my market (salon) but they got daily deals too, looks like it could be good if your business is in the spa, beauty, health area…

  17. Hi Sheldon. Thank you for your article. Finda and Hotfrog have been good to deal with in terms of response time and easy to use. I have found also quite good. Google LBC have yet to update our details even after calling to confirm but I think there’s a two week turnabout or so? have yet to reply although my enquiry was made at the same time to Finda. I’ve found and, which appear new. Cylex still have grammatical errors I’m hoping to make time to swing by and carefully read through your site. Thank you for list, Sheldon.

  18. Sheldon, I’ve just dealt with Businessme aka and I’ve found them excellent. I thought they were in your list but I must have found them via google. They created a sub-category at my request. Their reply to my email was within the hour, I emailed 11.30pm, they replied 12.10am. I like their layouts; professional, functional, clean and simple.

  19. Hi Sheldon,
    I found your site when searching for opinions on Gopher. They seem like an overpriced web directory with very agressive sales and misleading marketing tactics – e.g. they told a client of mine that they would not show up in Google search if they didn’t pay them for a listing. I’d be interested in your opinion of them, if you’re familiar with them. I also came across this which doesn’t bode well for them:

    I’m wondering if the comment above from ‘Francis’ was added by Gopher staff?

  20. Hi Sheldon 🙂
    Aidan, I’ve yet to come back to Sheldon’s list here and add my recommendations of NZ Business Directory Listings I don’t think I would recommend them compared with the other directories I’ve been dealing with. Their site is still running slow for me and although I registered, something just didn’t work unlike the other directories, they’ve been good so far.

  21. Also, Sheldon I’ve had so much trouble with Yellow Pages (online and offline directories) and the business I represent pays them. I’ve also been dealing with a rep from the localist regarding a paid online package with them. Do you have a review about paid online business directories at all? Thank you, Sheldon. P.S. Initially I had thought to seek out your services but I still have a few things I need to work through so I will be back. Thank you, Sheldon.

  22. Hey Sheldon,
    There is a new online business directory for New Zealand (& other parts of the world) called Trading Local ( ). It’s divided into countries, but most of the listings that have been added at the moment are in the New Zealand section.

    It looks really clean. Nice simple & polished layout, easy to follow. It’s worth having a look, I think it would make a nice addition to your list.

  23. Hello!
    I see that your list of the best NZ business directories consists mostly of free directories. If you’re interested in submitting paid links why not check out This is one of largest active NZ business web directories today.

  24. Cheers Sheldon,

    I will use this list as a basic business setup for my customers. Appreciate the time you’ve taken to create it.

    Another place I always build a free link for my clients that have a visual product/service is a pinterest business page. Once validated you get a pretty decent ‘do follow’ link and a foot in the door for new business seo

    David | Gurumedia NZ

  25. Love your attitude and as you say have just spent hours adding our charity to your marvellous list.
    I’m with you, love stuff for free. Keep up the great work.

    My tip is to make sure you keep a list of everywhere you have added your business, and make sure you go back and recheck at least once a year. We changed our branding and found our old brand everywhere and nobody knew that we were added.

  26. Thanks for the list mate, most links are very useful.

    I have one rule only for directories, they have to be at least PR 4, I usually use PR 6 and more but I would never use under PR4. What is your comment on this?

  27. Had Gopher on the phone to me today …. going on about how we nee to advertise with them and about paying for page rank…. demonstrating that there is 8 already in our category etc…. however none of the 8 do anything like what we do… totally trying to sell me on something that I can’t see helping at all… thanks for your list I’ll look into a few of these 🙂

  28. Have had Gopher hound me 4 times now…. they not taking no for an answer… I wouldn’t say yes when being hounded like that for anyone.
    Thanks for advice on getting onto google maps! just waiting for code to arrive in the mail now.

  29. Hi Sheldon,

    Thank you very much for this great list!

    I would like to suggest another free new zealand directory for your list

    Apart from the stated review time, it is a fantastic site, I had made some errors in my listing and the support was very friendly in fixing it for me, my website was also added much faster than expected.

  30. Can anyone tell me who the organisation is who calls daily to a home phone line in NZ and says they are calling from “NZ Business Directory” please?

  31. Hi,

    If anyone is calling with regards to listing in my site ( please tell them to not call again. I have no official agents working for me. I started this site 2 1/2 years ago, have done no advertising and the primary goal is to help Small Business in NZ to gain better organic search results (for some i have achieved this) depending how thorough you list your business (and it’s 100% free) – Thanks for a great site Sheldon. 1,800 listings and growing 😉

  32. These are the best high page rank business directories for local search. business directories always plays an important role to increase local seo for business.
    Thanks for sharing

  33. Very good list. Something that you didn’t mention though, is that many of the top directories have very bad technical SEO, even though a few do rank well.

    Business directories are very important for Local SEO rankings!

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