Free Wifi Internet: List of ALL the NZ Cafe’s with Free Wifi

I need your help to put this list together.


Auckland Cafe’s With Free Wifi

  1. Cock & Bull, Newmarket
  2. Columbus Coffee, 201 Victoria Street West
  3. Cock and Bull, Lynfield [map]
  4. Metro Cinema Complex, Queen St, by Aotea Square [map]
  5. Sitting Duck Cafe, Westhaven, Auckland [map]

More Free Wifi HotSpots in Auckland

  1. All 55 Auckland City Libraries [proof]
  2. Most of the 56 McDonalds restaurants in Auckland [check]

Free Wifi After Buying A Coffee

  1. Alp Ice Cafe, High St, Auckland City [map]
  2. The Coffee Club, Victoria St, Auckland City [map]
  3. The Coffee Club, Newmarket, Auckland
  4. The Coffee Club, Sylvia Park, Auckland [map]
  5. Roasted Addiqtion, Kingsland, Auckland City [map]
  6. Remedy Coffee, Wellesley St, Auckland [map]

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Hamilton Cafe’s With Free WiFi

  1. Most of the 8 McDonalds restaurants in Hamilton [check]
  2. Agora Cafe, 13b Kent Street, Hamilton [proof]
  3. Coffee and Food Establishment, 38b Hood Street, Hamilton
  4. Robert Harris, Ward St, Hamilton [map]

More Free Wifi HotSpots in Hamilton

  1. All 6 Hamilton Library’s [proof]
  2. Garden Place + Hood Street + Some of Victoria St [proof]


Tauranga Cafe’s With Free Wifi

  1. Grindz Cafe, 40 First Ave, Tauranga
  2. Alimento Cafe, 72 First Ave, Tauranga
  3. Bravo Cafe, Red Square, Tauranga
  4. Blue Restaurant, 4 Marine Parade, Mt Maunganui
  5. Avgas Cafe And Bar, 8 Jean Batten Drive, Mount Maunganui
  6. Major Toms, 297 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui
  7. McDonalds:
    • McDonalds Tauranga
    • McDonalds Mount Maunganui
    • McDonalds Papamoa
    • McDonalds Greerton
    • But not McDonalds Bayfair :(

Free Wifi After Buying A Coffee

  1. Esquires, 21 Devonport Road, Tauranga
  2. Cafe Cabana, 1 Marine Parade, Mt Maunganui
  3. Coffee Club, Bethlehem

More Free Wifi HotSpots (mostly provided by EOL. See coverage map.)

  1. Tauranga CBD (north of Elizabeth St)
  2. Trinity Wharf, Dive Crescent, Tauranga
  3. Tauranga Hospital
  4. Grace Hospital, Greerton
  5. Mt Maunganui CBD
  6. near Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park, Mount Maunganui
  7. near main beach toilet block, Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui
  8. near Pacific Plams Resort, 21 Gravatt Road, Papamoa


Wellington Free Wifi

  1. Anywhere in the CBD (provided by CafeNet)

Wellington Cafe’s With Free Wifi

  1. Most of the 17 McDonalds restaurants in Wellington [check]

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Christchurch Free Wifi

  1. All 38 Telecom Hotspots (Download NZ List .pdf) (It’s an earthquake sympathy thing)
  2. Christchurch City Library’s: Central, South, Upper Riccarton [proof]
  3. Most of the 16 McDonalds restaurants in Christchurch [check]


Nelson Cafe’s With Free WiFi

  1. Crusoe’s Cafe & Bar, 671 Main Rd, Stoke, Nelson [Google Map]
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Wanaka Cafe’s With Free WiFi After Buying A Coffee

  1. Yohei Cafe, Dunmore St, Wanaka [Google Map]

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Lists of Non-Free WiFi Hot Spots

How you can help

  • Do you know of a cafe with free wifi not on this list? Please add it to the comments below.
  • Is there a mistake in the list? Please say so in the comments below.

35 Responses to Free Wifi Internet: List of ALL the NZ Cafe’s with Free Wifi

  1. Shaun holt says:

    Free Wifi After Buying A Coffee – Coffee Club, Bethlehem

  2. Cock & Bull Newmarket have free Wi Fi

  3. John Gordon says:

    Yohei in Wanaka has WIFI – free with purchase

  4. Clara Lee says:

    *Auckland City Centre

    Alp Ice Cafe (High St) – free wifi buying a coffee

    The Coffee Club (Victoria St) – provide wifi buying a coffee, but limited (30min~1hr)

  5. Andrew says:

    Agora cafe, 13b Kent street Hamilton has free wifi.

  6. Carol Green says:

    Auckland – free wifi after buying coffee – Roasted Addiqtion, Kingsland.

  7. jack says:

    Free wifi in the CBD wellington. Provided by cafenet but listed as wellington free wifi

  8. Sara says:

    Columbus cafe Queen street/Karagahape road have free wifi

  9. Me says:

    Just to add to the list of wifi spots in Tauranga. Grace Hospital has free wifi for 1/2hr per 24hours but also has options if you need it for longer periods.

  10. Tim Nesdale says:

    Coffee and Food Establishment, 38b Hood Street, Hamilton. Man I wish I knew more :(

  11. Anat Edwy says:

    Crusoe’s cafe & Bar in 671 Main Rd Stoke, Nelson offers a free WIFI 7 days a week all year round.
    The cafe is open from 09:30-14:30.

  12. Bob says:

    Add Remedy in Wellesley st Auckland, with a drink. Pommy guys there are really good baristas.

    Add Cock and Bull Lynfield.

    Add Coffee Club, Newmarket, with a drink. Also in Sylvia Park.

    The metro cinema complex also had fee wifi (50mbs or 30 minutes) reaches as far as Starbucks in the complex but fronting Queen St, by Aotea Square.

  13. Sophie says:

    Robert Harris in Hamilton

  14. David says:

    Sitting Duck Cafe, Westhaven, Auckland has free WIFI

  15. Peter Mitchell says:

    Much of the area around the Newmarket train station in Auckland has free wifi under Auckland City wifi

  16. Terry Coles says:


    re your list of Tauranga’s Free Wifi…
    The entire Tauranga CBD now has free Wi-fi from EOL, plus the Main st Mt Maunganui, The Cruise ship berth at the Mt, Tauranga Hospital (finished now), Trinity Wharf, plus many more and growing daily. A full coverage map is available here…

    Thanks for listing our Wi-Fi locations, much appreciated.

  17. luke says:

    crave cafe morningside has unlimited free internet

  18. Glenda says:

    In Rotorua most of the CBD, also as usual, McDonalds, all 3 of them. The council are proud to have it. The library too but only if you are a member.

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